Friday, 27 September 2013

AW13 Coats I'm Loving Right Now!


1. £25-Asda 2.£85-Topshop 3.£65-River Island 4.£35-H&M 5.£35-H&M

You've probably noticed that all these coats bar one are either black, grey or a mixture of both! The truth is that no matter what you wear, black and grey just goes with everything although you can't see whats underneath anyway. I just like to know that I can throw on a coat without looking mix-matched in any way.

Saying that though I've really been getting into the colour orange which I never thought would happen but I really like coat no.2 even though it's quite out of my price range!

There's quite a few coats I like from Primark but unfortunately I couldn't find them to show :(.

I must say this year I adore the wooly sort of mid-length coats. 
I do prefer coats with hoods like no.1 but there's no harm in chucking a brolly in your bag is there!



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