Saturday, 7 September 2013

Autumn leaves...

Pretty much every year I look forward to Autumn. It's when you start to throw on the cosy jumpers and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows.

I like the sound of the leaves crunching beneath your feet and when they start to change colour to the yellows, oranges, reds and browns, it looks so pretty. When I was little I would keep a scrapbook of all the different colours of leaves I found, it may seem sad but it's very true.

Burgundy clothing is my favourite thing to wear in Autumn and I also feel like its the time of year when you can get away with wearing dark make-up in the daytime which is my favourite kind of make-up, especially dark lipsticks. 

Is there anything in particular you love about Autumn or what season is your favourite?




  1. I love autumn too!And my middle name is Elizabeth too!
    L O V E your blog!Would you take a second to check out mine as I'm relatively new to blogging?


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