Saturday, 12 October 2013

Day In Pictures - Museums 12.10.13

So instead of the usual walking around town window shopping, Ben and I decided to do something a bit more interesting and go to a museum or two. The first one we went to is called 'Museum on the Mound' which was all about money and banking from when banks first starting. Sounds boring but was quite interesting to look at everything in there.

A million pounds!

After that we went to the National Museum of Scotland which I've been to quite a few times but I really like it in there, there's lots of interesting things to look at especially the animal section!

(Look like I'm thinking "look at this guy" haha)

(Not sure why I look a bit scared)

After a quick look around we came out to find it had started raining and was absolutely freezing! So we ventured to Starbucks and got a caramel hot chocolate <3

... and that was my day!


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