Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Contour for Pale Skin: Mac Harmony

A few weeks ago now I searched online for contours for pale skin as most contour powders can come off orange on me and/or are just too dark and if you are pale like me, then taupe shades are more suitable. I came across a few people mentioning the Mac Harmony Blush, which is a matte finish,  so I had to go and look at it myself in the Mac shop.

I went in and swatched it on my hand to begin with and then after reading some more reviews I decided to go ahead and buy it.
I know in the picture above it looks orangey but its more of a taupe brown shade but if you're not sure always check it out before buying.

That's what it looks like on the cheek after its been blended a little bit. I really like this product for contouring and am glad I came across it.

Whats your favourite contouring product?


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