Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mac 'Up The Amp' Review & Swatches

(excuse my horrible bare face)

I lusted after this lipstick probably for about a year and last month I decided to just go ahead and purchase it. It's the most gorgeous violet colour with pinky blue undertones that will suit all skin tones. It is an amplified creme so it is quite moisturising and doesn't dry out your lips but also doesn't bleed. The lasting power of the lipstick is really good, I wore it all day, eating and drinking in between and it hardly wore off. I love that Mac lipsticks smell quite vanilla like and don't have that typical plasticy lipstick smell.
I think the only bad thing to say about this is that they are a bit pricey at £15 but I'm willing to pay that price for a lovely lipstick such as this. I will definitely be wearing this all year round as I think it's one of those colours thats multi-seasonal.


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