Monday, 24 February 2014


As it was my birthday two weeks ago, one of my presents was a new tattoo. I went to Studio XIII in Edinburgh and had it done by Marc Diamond. I go here because the artists are amazing and the people are really friendly there. I decided a while ago that I wanted a pink/lavender old school type rose on my forearm. I already have a Grosbeak bird tattoo on my front forearm so I thought they would go well together.

The pain wasn't too bad, it was tolerable, I always find the outline is more painful than the shading and colouring but after a couple of minutes I zone out. It took about an hour and I'm really happy with it and it was exactly what I was wanting. Before he finished he asked me to take a look and see if I wanted any yellow in there as he thought it would add something so I agreed and went ahead. I'm glad I did because it just gives it a little bit more colour and brightness. Absolutely love it!

Do you have any tattoos or any you're planning to get?


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