Monday, 10 February 2014

Shoe Lust

Shoe Lust

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Ever since last year, I've wanted a pair of jelly shoes, these ones are from ASOS. Although they aren't great for this time of year they are perfect for Spring/Summer, whether you wear them on their own or with a cute pair of socks and the same with the gladiator heeled sandals which are from Mr Shoes but I think you can get them from some other stores too. 
The Topshop boots are AMAZING, they also come in black but what drew me to these is the oil slick effect they have, I love it.
I've never been one for shoes with straps around the ankle but I do have to make an exception when it comes to these ASOS heeled sandals. So many people are wearing these and what makes me love them is that they can be worn smart or casual and they seem to do wonders for your legs. I'm not too sure on how comfortable they would be but I think it would be a price to pay for such lovely heels.

What shoes are you lusting after? Do you like any of the above?


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