Sunday, 26 October 2014


My boyfriend heard about this place from a friend of his at work and was told it's the best pizza you'll eat. It's located at Grassmarket in Edinburgh, a nice little cosy restaurant with a good atmosphere. We went on a Friday night but I've heard it can get pretty busy.

I went for the smallest 9" pizza with chicken, garlic tomatoes and rocket. I never usually get pizza with chicken as it's never to my taste but as I was getting rocket as well I figured it would give it a different taste (if that makes sense). 

I have to say it is definitely the best pizza I've ever had anyway. The tomato sauce was well flavoured and there was a nice thick layer of cheese (let's be honest we all love a load of cheese on a pizza!). I'm glad I went for the smallest as I don't think I'd have managed the medium! Even thinking about the pizza now is making me crave it again. I can't wait to go back again.

Whats the best pizza you've ever had?

Priscilla x


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