Monday, 13 October 2014


Last Thursday it was my boyfriend and I's three year anniversary and to celebrate he'd booked a short trip to Newcastle. I've wanted to visit for a while as I've not properly been into the centre of Newcastle.
When we arrived we had a couple of hours till check in so we took some time to walk around the centre to do some light shopping and then and to the well known bridge to take some snaps.
When it was time we headed to the Sandman Signature hotel which was so luxurious and to my boyfriends surprise directly across the road from the Newcastle Football Stadium which we had a view of from the window.

The picture of my outfit is not very good quality as I'd taken far too long to get ready so I was in a rush to make out reservation for dinner. I wore a H&M Blouse, Asos Jeans and New Look Heeled Sandals. I loved this outfit because it was dressy but still on the casual side which is what I'm all about! 
I'd definitely like to visit Newcastle again, I really enjoyed it! 


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