Tuesday, 24 February 2015



I was having a browse on Asos the other night and found a few bits to add to my 'save for later' list.

Duster Coat I've never been intrigued by duster coats before but as Spring is soon approaching I though it would be a great thing to have in my wardrobe to throw on over a knitted jumper or to wear on the days where it may be slightly warmer (if that ever happens).

Midi Dress in Knit This is an item I thought could be paired well with the duster coat for a casual outfit that still looks slightly put together. This dress just looks so loose and cosy and paired with trainers could be the comfiest outfit.

Mix N Match Print Blouse For someone that's not usually one for blouses, I find myself being drawn more towards them. I think again it's the smart casual look that I like about them. I really like the mixed floral print in this one and as a lover of stripes also, makes me want this in my wardrobe.

Round Sunglasses With Thin Frame I discovered my sunglasses had broken in my bag so the first thing I did was scour Asos to find a new pair. I find it hard to find sunglasses that suit me and this shape works best. My favourite thing about these is the frame because it's very minimal. 

City Bag As soon as I saw this bag I immediately lusted after it. I always go for black bags just because they are so simple and go with literally everything. What drew me to this particular one is the metal hinges that connect to the handle. I just love it.

Mix Knit Ankle Socks Socks are pretty self explanatory but I've been wanting a simple pair like this for a while to wear with boots or also if I'm wearing trainers with a dress without tights.

Nike White Thea Trainers I actually spotted these in the Office window but noticed they had them on Asos (and in half sizes!) I went with the white as to me they would go with anything. Although I get very nervous about keeping white trainers clean!



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    Diana Cloudlet


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