Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Apart from gym trainers I only have one other pair of Nikes and that's my blazers, so I've been after another pair for a while. I spotted these in the Office window display and then saw them styled online and I thought to myself that I might just have to get a pair. So at the weekend I went to try on a pair although when I got into Office they didn't seem to be like the ones I wanted, (turns out it's because they've sold out pretty much everywhere) which were the black, grey & white ones. So I left Office and went to Footlocker and it's a good job I did because I didn't realise they did half sizes until they brought me some out.

Even though they aren't the exact ones I was looking for I'm still glad I got them and like them equally as much, plus I think they are the comfiest pair of trainers I have ever owned and can't wait to style them in future outfit of the day posts.

Priscilla xo

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