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If you don't follow me on Twitter then won't know that I booked a trip to New York back in April. I am so beyond excited about it as I have wanted to visit for many years and is definitely one of the things on my bucket list. It is now one month until I'll be setting off so I've started to put together a little itinerary to be a bit more organised when it comes to what to do on what day.

Day One - Times Square & Empire State Building
I feel like Times Square is the first thing you really have to see as when you think of New York it's the first thing you think of. Then of course the most iconic building, the Empire State Building. I am so looking forward to seeing the amazing views from the top.

Day Two - Museum of Natural History & Central Park
How can you go here and not see the museum from 'Night at the Museum'. I love museums like this, I find it all so interesting (but really I'm just going to see the big dinosaur). The museum is right across from Central Park so it only makes sense. Will have a nice walk through and maybe even visit the zoo (rhyme!).

Day Three - Ground Zero & Statue of Liberty
Both of these places are further down Manhattan and fairly close to each other. I couldn't go and not visit Ground Zero as it's such a big part of history. I was told to take the Staten Island ferry if I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty as it's free so will save a bit of money.

Day Four - Grand Central Station, Top of the Rock & Shopping
This is the last full day in New York so will use this to see the 'little' things and do some shopping. Grand Central Station just looks amazing and I really want to try out the whispering walls! The views from the Top of the Rock look incredible it is such a must and one of the top things I have to see. As for shopping I will be spending a lot of time in Sephora getting as much make up as I can.

That's all that is on my list so far, if you have been to New York or are planning to go let me know if there's anything I've missed that I should see or visit!

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  1. I'm going to New York for the first time next month and I'm so excited too! Most of these are on my list, I'll also be visiting the Museum of Modern Art :) Enjoy your trip!

    Sophie |

  2. I love NY although I haven't been there for some time I could talk about it all day.

    Re Empire State and Top of the Rock try to do one by day and one by night to get the different views of the City (Top of the Rock is my favorite as it's glass rather than grills and less windy!). Empire State is right by Macy's, a large Victoria Secrets and Sephora if that's your sort of thing.

    Times Square is a must although gets mega busy. Look out of the Naked Cowboy too!

    Central Park is amazing and buy a coffee, breakfast and just go for a walk through. It's so 'NY' with runners, exercise classes taking part and you can spend hours walking around soaking it all in. It's at the bottom of 5th Avenue too so you're nearby to the shops, Tiffany's etc and not far from Top of the Rock either.

    I've always seen Statue of Liberty via the Staten Island Ferry, unless you want to go on Ellis Island it makes sense do the free trip and its just there and back and done very quickly so doesn't eat too much into your day.

    If you go to Bloomingdales check out Serendipity from the film of the same name and have one of their famous frozen hot chocolates. I had lunch there which was great and the owner was in store that day so was able to sign a copy of his cookbook which I brought.

    If you're into serious shopping you might want to look at Woodbury Common Shopping Outlet. You need to commit a full day due to the journey time but it's worth it for the bargains depending on what you're looking to buy.

    Also remember when in Macy's etc to go and get the visitors discounts books for international visitors.

    Hope that helps and feel free to email or tweet me if you have any other questions!

    Victoria x

    1. Thanks so much, I'll definitely take you're advice about seeing either the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock at night! I wouldn't have even thought of that x


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