Wednesday, 5 August 2015


A while ago now I was looking at the Glam Glow face masks as I had heard so much about them and how good they are. The price of the masks are unfortunately a bit too pricey for me but as I carried on looking online I found this 'Indian Healing Clay'.

This is a deep pore cleansing mask that you can get on Amazon for around £8 and you get so much product. It comes as a powder and all you have to do is take an equal scoop of both the powder and water or cider vinegar as it also suggests (and I find works better). You mix them both together and it creates a paste, just like a face mask.

After leaving this on for about 10 minutes, it should all be dried up and ready to take off. You're skin can look a bit red after taking it off but it's nothing to worry about, it's just because as it is drying it will tighten up your skin and you will also feel a pulsating sensation.
This is great for all skin types, although maybe not for very sensitive skin. I have dry skin and it feels lovely and soft afterwards. This is also amazing if you have some breakouts as it decreases them in size so much. If I'm having a bad skin day I can always rely on this to fix it.

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