Wednesday, 6 January 2016


2015 held some great memories for me. I turned 21, got a new job and went to America to New York for the first time which I will forever cherish. 
As the year ended on a good note, I was really looking forward to the start of the New Year as it's a new chance to set goals for myself and do my best to make this year even better than the last. So I thought I would share some of them goals.

Be Positive
Although I don't like to admit it, I am one of those people who can find the negative in anything and I put myself down way to much. Instead of doubting I can do something, I need to just go for it.

Start My Career Journey
Recently I have been really getting serious about what career path I want to take but always worried about the qualifications I would need to get into university. So this year I want to find out which route I need to take to start me off on getting to that place.

Get Another Tattoo
I am determined to get a tattoo that I've been wanting for years now, so I'm going to save up and finally get it done!

Travel Europe
I love the idea of travelling Europe so much, so I am very much hoping that I can achieve that this year by possibly going Interraling which sounds like so much fun. I have even already started planning it and would be so excited to make it a possibility.

What are your goals for 2016?




  1. Great goals, I'd love to get another tattoo this year but I'm so indecisive! x
    Jess from

  2. I would love to travel Europe! I live in Kentucky, United States though so it's a bit hard for me. Haha! And I definitely want more tattoos. I have two right now. Great goals!

    xo, Kimberly


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