Tuesday, 26 January 2016


I'm sure that by now you have most likely heard about the Morphe 35O Palette. It has become very popular and sells out within the hour. I just about managed to get my hands on one a few months ago and I've used it almost every day which is why it's looking a little messy but I absolutely love it!

I chose this palette over the others as I love the colours and I pretty much always go for brown tones. I had also been desperate for some orange eyeshadows so it was perfect for me.
The pigmentation of the shadows is amazing, it has mostly mattes but there's a few shimmer ones in there which are gorgeous. For it being $22.99, which is around £16, you can't go wrong. I think shipping to the UK was an extra $10 and when it arrived I wasn't charged customs but I can't be sure that it's the same for everyone. It goes out of stock very quickly but recently it has been coming back in stock after a few days so if you're interested, keep checking!
You will also be able to find a discount code somewhere which usually gives you 10% off.
I would love to get one of the multi colour palettes in the future.

PE xo

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