Monday, 4 April 2016


When I saw that Real Techniques were bringing out a brush cleansing palette, I was very excited! I have been wanting/needing something like this for a long time as my brush collection is ever growing.

I spotted this in Superdrug and it cost £12.99. It comes with two trial sachets of their very own brush cleansing gel, which is great as it obviously means you get to try it out before you go ahead and purchase the full size and it has a really nice scent to it. 

It has three sections for small, medium and large brushes and a strap to hold it easily. The small section is used for detail brushes, medium for eye brushes and the large section for face brushes. 

Firstly you wet the brush you're cleaning with the bristles face down. Then add a small amount of water to the palette with a drop of the cleansing gel and start swirling your brush around in the corresponding section. It lathers up really well and works so quickly.

I dipped my brush in the darkest eyeshadow I had just to show how well it works. I do have marks at the bottom of the bristles which I think may be from the metal on the handle but that can't be helped. 

I would never clean my brushes before I got this palette and I am so impressed with it. It has saved me from getting spore pruney hands when it comes to cleaning my brushes. Now I always look forward to it!



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