Tuesday, 27 September 2016


The next stop on our list was Munich. Even though it poured it down for one of the days we were there, I did very much enjoy it once we managed to get out and about. There are lots of things to see and the buildings are amazing to look at so if you're into architecture like me then you would love it.

I struggled to find an AirBnb for Munich so we went with a hotel. The one we chose was the Hotel Cristal purely because it was cheap and right round the corner from the train station. It was also 5 minute walk if that to the centre. It was nice but I wouldn't really recommend it purely because of the location, it was on quite a dodgy street so I wasn't a fan of that.

Things To Do & Where To Eat
The first thing we did was visit the Marienplatz which is the main square in Munich where you will also find the cathedral. Other churches we visited were St Peters Church and Asam Church which were absolutely gorgeous. We did go past St. Michael's church too but didn't go inside. I'm not sure if it's there all year round but there is a farmers market close to the centre.
We kind of struggled to find places we wanted to eat but one place we came across was Hans Im Gluck. It is a burger restaurant which has amazing decor and it's almost like you're sitting in a forest. As it's based on Brothers Grimm, the menu is like a story book. It is all in German but you can request an English menu.

 I'm glad I got to see the beauty of Munich and would definitely recommend it!

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