Wednesday, 7 February 2018


After over a year, I am finally back blogging again. I have missed it a lot but I unfortunately could never find the time to sit down and write (that and my laptop dying).

A lot has happened this past year. I am now working full time which is mostly the reason for the lack of blog posts. I also dyed my hair purple which was a big change but I loved it. On a different note, I also experienced a lot of sadness. We lost both of our dogs, months apart, which was heartbreaking and also a close family friend. Then at the very end of the year, my fiance lost a family member. 

Despite the sadness a lot of great things also happened.
. My niece was born and I became an auntie, it wont be long till she turns 1 which is in a months time! I love her so much and she is just the cutest little person, it's so exciting seeing her learn new things and grow. 

 I also got engaged after being with my now fiance for 6 years. It happened on our 6 year anniversary at a lovely restaurant after a really nice day of picnicking at the Botanical Gardens here in Edinburgh and then a spontaneous cinema trip.

Now I am getting my life in somewhat of an order, I love that I am finally getting back to what I enjoy doing and there will be plenty of blog posts to come.

Love, Priscilla x

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